geitashima by eri - DA-2311-1921-4240
visited on january 11th, 2022

such an impressive island!! it's so well thought out, and just. really, really nice. (my switch didn't enjoy it that much though LOL)

the villager's houses are customized so i visited every single one that was open!! i also loved how many gyroids are scattered around (especially the little concert settings. and the ones inside the owner's house!), and the rice field was a really cool surprise.

here is its creator's tumblr blog ^-^

moon by colin - DA-7867-3773-5204
visited on december 29th, 2022

this island is positively INSANE. the city concept was executed so well and it feels huge!

here's its creator's instagram account!

ladonia by jakob - DA-8091-1096-4301
visited on december 16th, 2022

such a fun island to explore! i especially love all the treehouses scattered around :]

here's its creator's tumblr blog!

korok wood by lydia - DA-4774-6030-7464
visited on november 16th, 2022

this island is absolutely lovely, and i plan on dreaming about it again. foliage is very abundant here, so maybe i'm a bit biased to love this one so much, but it really is relaxing to take a stroll around. it also didn't cause my game to drop frames or anything, so it's a bonus!

i found out about it through its creator's tumblr account!