my silly little splatoon 3 captures

good bye......

a clip from a splatzones match i managed to carry (in c rank LOL)

maws jumpscare

splat bomb moment

having fun with the new recon mode capture feature

schmoovin with the custom splattershot jr

the splatana wiper can be fun to use sometimes

and a pretty shiver pic

a shiver clip from the grass vs fire vs water splatfest. she looks so good in green

bro... did we just kiss

oh boy i sure love tenta missiles

three of them.

going on a little dynamo roller rampage + learning that the tacticooler isn't immune to the tower

i managed to reach rock ruler +4 right before the fest ended lol

i love their little dances SO much

half a quad (two were jumps so it shouldn't really count but it looks cool anyway)

got a 100x win when i was playing as my oc LOL i was gifted this adorable animation of them...

the clip speaks for itself