ranking the splattack! variants

splattack! is one of my favorite splatoon songs ever! it's also agent 3's theme song, and agent 3 is my favorite character ever! so, logically, i'll share all the splattack variants that are out there and rank them! ^_^

shoutout to the splattack! page on the splatoon wiki, which i referenced for this!

10. splattack! (super smash bros. ultimate)

a super smash bros ultimate remix of the song. not much to say about it, i don't enjoy this one much LOL

9. splattack! (mario kart 8 deluxe)

mario kart 8 deluxe remix of the song, that plays during battles in the urchin underpass stage! i'm not big on this one, but it does sound funky

8. splattack! (E3 2014 teaser trailer)

early version of the song that played during the reveal trailer for the original splatoon. the vocals sound so weird! it's cool to see how much splatoon music has improved.

7. splattack! (inkredible new stages and gear)

this remix plays during the first half of the "inkredible new stages and gear" trailer from 2015, before transitioning to another song. the classical style at the beginning is awesome, and the additional instruments after go really well with the track

6. splattack! (new stage squid dance)

a remix that plays during the "new stage squid dance (piranha pit & ancho-v games)" trailer from 2015. i love the clapping SO much it makes me want to dance too!! and it resembles the jam session version a lot, so bonus points from me! mmmm im grooving

5. splattack! (splatoon 3 reveal trailer)

a version of the track that plays during the final section of the splatoon 3 reveal trailer from 2021! i remember going sooo crazy over this version and searching for extended/fan-made versions of it

4. splattack!

the original!! absolute classic

3. splattack! (octo)

dedf1sh's remix that plays during the hijacked agent 3 boss fight from octo expansion! it's such a genius version, i love how it's all glitchy and erratic and weird to resemble agent 3's state! i imagine the fight in my mind every time i hear this one.

2. splattack! (jam session)

this one plays during the tutorial session of the original splatoon. i'm a sucker for songs where more instrumentation is added as it progresses, and this version is one of my favorites because of that!

1. splattack! (c-side)

c-side remix that plays during splatoon 3 battles! an absolute BANGER, c-side is my favorite splatoon band and they nailed this remix!! i love love love the intro section, and the vocals during the chorus are so nice

bonus: splatoon splash screen music

doesn't really count as a track but i love this percussion line!!

well that's it!! hope you liked going through the variety of splattack songs with me, neocities user splattacks! lol