oc splashtags!

i made all of them with this handy website, with the splatoon wiki open on the side to help visualize my options better.

coming up with these is really fun ^-^ i just wanted to share them all somewhere, so here they are!

temp can now participate in ink battles again (they were banned in inkopolis...), so they go all out! she also continues working shifts for grizzco, but just a couple times per week (and if it has decent weapons available) (even though she's not sure who's running the business, now that mr. grizz is gone. she's trying to investigate the situation).

dawn continues being the menace she is in anarchy battles, and is a high ranking X battle player; tower control is her favorite. she plays a variety of weapons but really enjoys dualie squelchers and e-liter (wave breaker enthusiast).

jamie doesn't participate in ink battles as much as she used to on inkopolis; she LOVES tableturf, and is very proud of her card collection. she also likes to decorate her locker, and spends way too much money in hotlantis.

rory participates in turf wars only. has never touched ranked and has no intention in doing so. she always gets snacks before going into her almost daily turfing sessions, so she ended up getting that marigold badge too. rory is also lowkey a pro in tableturf; her card collection is pretty small but her skill makes up for it. (jamie has yet to beat her in a game. everytime she meets rory she challenges her to a battle and loses. she'll keep trying though)

ash has little free time to participate in ink sports, but always uses his splatling, so he ended up earning that 5 star badge for it. he plays turf with rory, but on anarchy battles, he'll only play when rainmaker is in rotation. he's a Toni Kensa Enjoyerâ„¢.

fern is just an ordinary guy who gets his income from grizzco and participates in ink sports every once in a while! and i think that's well reflected in his splashtag.

and that's it! i didn't make splashtags for alison, olivia and bennu because they didn't leave inkopolis, so it wouldn't really make sense for them to have those. i'm tempted to make them anyway though, so i'll update this if i do lol.

just to give a little update, i'm thinking on redesigning this whole splatoon page thing! i'm also making dedicated oc pages (working veeery slowly on them lol. maybe i'll just release what i have and update them as i add stuff..?), so i'll have a proper space to ramble about them :]