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last updated: august 8th, 2022
feeling: The current mood of splattacks at www.imood.com
reading: ghosts of the tsunami
playing: stardew valley + antique penguin
watching: the owl house (rewatch)


[08.08.22] added a link to my art site! aand new blog post

[29.07.22] music box update! also did some fixing around on a few pages, and added things to my buttons, collections, etc etc

[25.07.22] added a gifypet to my widgets section :o it's the keeper of the stage from club penguin's psa missions :] love that guy

[24.07.22] added lesbian webring widget to homepage, more website buttons, a few more links, and other minor changes

[20.07.22] new blog post, along with some additions to the buttons and collections pages

[14.07.22] put up my adopt-a-puffle page!

[13.07.22] music box updated, self-insert webring widget added to homepage, a few additions to my links, lists, buttons and collections pages

[09.07.22] uploaded a dream journal page to my blog

[08.07.22] site redesign up! + new site credits page