rad websites

find me elsewhere:

- personal tumblr

- art tumblr and artstation


- artfight

youtube channels i like

- jonna jinton: beautiful scenery and photography, vlogs from the woods in the north of sweden

- gamescapes: lots of (mainly) breath of the wild scenery shots, my favorite videos to have in the background while i work on stuff

- rassicas: the ceo of splatoon lore

- john sandwich: immaculate animations, his splatoon videos warm my heart

- ludoviajante: vídeos sensacionais que tratam de temas meio filosóficos e psicológicos, não sei dizer, mas recomendo DEMAIS

- strange æons: tumblr things, queer history topics, general fun. i always have a good time with her stuff

- adam duff (lucidpixul): i enjoy his art talks a lot

- brian david gilbert: brian david gilbert

- zaypixel: the only minecraft gameplays i enjoy watching. i find them to be very soothing

- choki: incredibly nice and relaxing vlogs to watch

specific videos i like

- let's ban cars

- in defence of breath of the wild's soundtrack

- the anxiety of celeste and its music

- splatoon 2 live concert

- the very interesting lives of jellyfish - a splatoon documentary

- why is queer discourse so toxic?

- the music of arcane: forging narrative synergy across genres

- melt by kehlani: i'm not huge on music videos but this one... god

- arcane's perfect scene

- clair 2022 animated short: PLEASE give it a watch.. i'm so in love with how this was animated. the colors are soooo good. it's such a gorgeous short, i want to be able to create something like this in the future

- farewell inkopolis multi-animator project: i was a part of the digital zine side of this project (it's linked in the description of the video!) but the map almost made me cry IT'S SO COOL. i watched it too many times.

- roots: octo expansion amv

- the genius of splatoon 3's ui

- takotsubo heartbeat - splatoon fan-made animatic

- what was so good about undertale, anyway?


- w3schools

- zonelets: easy blog template

- ublock origin addon

- unhook addon: extension that lets you customize your youtube tab (take off recommended bar, etc)

- return youtube dislike addon

- videogame soundtracks archive

- animated text generator

- gifcities

- cookie autodelete addon: automatically deletes cookies when you close a tab. you can whitelist sites that you want to stay logged into and stuff

- don't accept webp addon

- schemecolor: a bunch of color palettes

- blinkie generator

- seamless wallpapers

- cdn fonts: free desktop and web fonts

- gifypet: make your own pet to keep in your site

articles and stuff to read

- keep the web free, say no to web3

- against an increasingly user-hostile web

- write plain text files

- digital wellbeing

- art is not a talent, and you should make art

- internet manifestos

- good news, the internet as we know it may be doomed


- astronomy picture of the day

- club penguin wiki

- tools for splatoon players

- splatoon wiki

- botw interactive map

- how far away is andromeda?

- hyruleguessr: geoguessr but it's breath of the wild. (knowing the botw map by heart has its uses. like letting me be really good at this game)

- flipnote archive: an archive of flipnote studio animations that were posted to flipnote hatena before its closure