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january 22nd, 2024

recentemente meu pai trouxe a coleção de CDs dele aqui pra casa e eu comecei a escutar os álbuns do legião urbana pelo rádio. escutar esses discos dessa maneira tem uma vibe diferente do digital que eu não sei botar em palavras, e tô curtindo bastante. também tô curtindo aumentar meu repertório de música nacional, que infelizmente sempre foi precário. algumas músicas destaque deles pra mim até o momento incluem 'ainda é cedo', 'central do brasil', 'quase sem querer' e 'tempo perdido'.

other new listens worth mentioning:
- beerbongs & bentleys by post malone
- abstract figures in the dark by tigercub
- loose by nelly furtado

recent obsessions:
- cologne by beabadoobee
- otherside by post malone
- glow by nelly furtado
- stop beating on my heart (like a bass drum) by tigercub
- se... by djavan
- camila, camila by nenhum de nós

august 27th, 2023

current page song: pop 'n' schlock from the splatoon 3 ost

new listens:
- mini mix vol. 3 by magdalena bay
- mini mix vol. 2 by magdalena bay
- lately i feel EVERYTHING by WILLOW
- in between by lauren jauregui
- spider-man: across the spiderverse official soundtrack
- the loveliest time by carly rae jepsen
- hollywood's bleeding by post malone

recent obsessions:
for some reason i've been listening to a lot of 2010's pop lately. it's very fun and nostalgic for me!
and my date got me into gorillaz (and then i got my dad into them too). i've been listening to a variety of their songs from a playlist, haven't experienced their albums properly, so i didn't put them up there with new listens. favs include oil, tranz, silent running and controllah
got really obsessed with caring is creepy by the shins bc of the tgswii chapter where mitsuki and aya are listening to it lol! it's a vibe
also very recent obsession, but i gave a listen to the post malone album mentioned above last week and it's been on repeat!

april 11th, 2023

new listens:
- passing by rhye. very nice little ep!! really enjoyed it
- olhar pra trás by terra plana. an acquaintance posted about this album on their socials and i gave it a try. loved it a lot!! always happy to find more national musicians i enjoy
- forever live sessions by men i trust. found this album and i looove the vibe of their songs played live!! very calming
- portals by melanie martinez. a really good one!! listened to it a whole lot during the weekend it came out, especially since i spent it with friends who were also enjoying it and we'd listen to it together :) faves are faerie soirée, evil, powder and battle of the larynx

recent obsessions:
- gameshow by two door cinema club. rediscovered my love for this album!! heard it for the first time back in 2016 and it still holds up for me. i also had a few moments of realization that many songs on it fit tempest (my oc). tempest album. me album

february 22nd, 2023

new listen:
- ring of the past by men i trust. it's such a nice little song

i've been listening to more still woozy again and this time i'm specially enjoying cooks, ipanema and get by.
january 20th, 2023

current obsessions:
- surgery by two door cinema club. the bridge is SO FUCKING GOOD i will never get enough of it
- won't do nothing by two door cinema club. i've been listening to this one for, like, two months now. can't get enough of it either
- 1 by mob choir. HECK YEAHH god this intro goes too hard

current album i'm enjoying:
- every open eye by chvrches. i was really into this album back in 2018/19 i think. i gave it a listen again and. still really awesome
january 10th, 2023

new obsession:
- wolfcat by still woozy. i was in a still woozy mood and went after more songs from him, and i am SO glad i did. i'm so mad that this song is so short. it's so sweet!! i love little sweet and sappy songs that induce gay thoughts into my mind. it also made me have an art idea but i am not sure if it'll come into fruition.
december 29th, 2022

new listen:
- GO:OD AM by mac miller. i gave it a few listens but i didn't get too invested yet. i don't think i heard it in its entirety, actually; i'd just listen to it until the halfway point.

this month i started getting used to falling asleep while listening to music. i used to only do it when it was windy and i was trying to distract my mind from it to be able to sleep, but now i'm doing it every night, no matter the weather. i found a good lofi playlist on spotify and i've always been playing that one. i have a playlist of chill videogame music video compilations i downloaded, but now my brain associates them with those windy nights and listening to them while trying to fall asleep actually makes me a bit stressed..?
december 7th, 2022

current page song: delfino pier from the mario kart wii ost

new listens:
- COPINGMECHANISMS by WILLOW. in the latest "the guy she was interested in wasn't a guy at all" chapter, aya and mitsuki are listening to this album so, naturally, i gave it a try too. turns out it's REALLY nice, i think i listened this record 4 times already today!
- little electric chicken heart by ana frango elétrico. found out about this one from kidwiththechemicalz's music page! it's such a nice album, i'm glad i gave it a listen. i particularly love "tem certeza?", "chocolate" and "caspa".

last week i felt like listening to tracks from old just dance games i played (just dance 4 specifically) and obsessed a bit over maneater by nelly furtado and super bass by nicki minaj LOL they just gave me this feeling. maybe it's nostalgia. but i do enjoy them a lot.

Glass Animals

♡: flip, pools, walla walla

Screen Violence

♡: how not to drown, asking for a friend, violent delights

blue water road

♡: melt, more than i should, tangerine

Mercurial World
Magdalena Bay

♡: domino, you lose!, follow the leader

Glass Animals

♡: tangerine, it's all so incredibly loud, hot sugar

I Like It When You Sleep
The 1975

♡: ugh!, lostmyhead, loving someone

A Brief Inquiry [...]
The 1975

♡: be my mistake, love it if we made it, it's not living

Two Door Cinema Club

♡: good morning, gameshow, gasoline

Keep On Smiling
Two Door Cinema Club

♡: won't do nothing, lucky, millionaire

Two Door Cinema Club

♡: handshake, next year, spring, someday

Untourable Album
Men I Trust

♡: always lone, tree among shrubs, oh dove

Oncle Jazz
Men I Trust

♡: porcelain, found me, show me how

Phoebe Bridgers

♡: chinese satellite, halloween, i know the end

Stanger in the Alps
Phoebe Bridgers

♡: demi moore, motion sickness, georgia


♡: hover like a goddess, split, maybe it's my fault

Hades OST
Darren Korb

♡: the painful way, through asphodel, the exalted

Celeste OST
Lena Raine

♡: heart of the mountain, starjump, reach for the summit

Pure Heroine

♡: 400 lux, ribs, a world alone, buzzcut season


♡: last dance, verse, open


♡: taste, stay safe, please


♡: safeword, holy, hold you down

The Divine Feminine
Mac Miller

♡: dang!, we, stay

Mac Miller

♡: ladders, jet fuel, self care, conversation pt. 1

Cry Baby
Melanie Martinez

♡: alphabet boy, dollhouse, milk and cookies

Blue Weekend
Wolf Alice

♡: lipstick on the glass, smile, play the greatest hits

Visions Of A Life
Wolf Alice

♡: don't delete the kisses, sky musings, heavenward

♡: splattack! (jam session), hooked, ink me up, tide goes out

Splatune 2
♡: blitz it!, fins & fiddles, fresh start, tidal rush, octarmaments

Splatune 3
♡: anarchy rainbow, triple dip, the bing bang song, calamari inkantation 3mix

Super Mario Galaxy OST
♡: egg planet, space junk road, melty molten galaxy, gateway galaxy

Mario Kart Wii OST
♡: rainbow road, toad's factory, grumble volcano, delfino pier, staff credits b

Club Penguin OST
♡: pirates and monkeys, fall fair, anchovy jazz, twice upon a time

Undertale OST
Toby Fox

♡: finale, death report, waterfall, core, asgore

Deltarune OST
Toby Fox

♡: lost girl, ferris wheel, rude buster, a cyber's world

melt by kehlani
this song makes me feel so happy and warm inside;; i fell in love with the music video for it, and blue water road is definitely my favorite album of the year too. a sappy and gay little song to represent my sappy and gay little year!

how not to drown by chvrches ft. robert smith
my most listened track of the year AND my favorite track of the year. that's satisfying

your love (déjà vu) by glass animals
this one is super fun, it was my most listened track of the year (not my favorite, that goes to another glass animals song lol)

it's not living (if it's not with you) by the 1975
i know it's about drugs but i daydreamed a lot about my gay ass ocs to this one

tether by chvrches
this one just gave me a lot of feelings. it also made me vividly imagine a breath of the wild animatic that won't ever see the light of day

good morning by two door cinema club
i just related to many of the lyrics from this track back in the day. "i wake up everyday and change my mind"? gOD yeah - 15 year old me

gravel to tempo by hayley kiyoko
gay song little gay me was obsessed with in the year she had her gay awakening

probably an ariana grande song
i was a fangirl.