nicknames: temp, three
pronouns: they/she
birthday: january 7th (23 years old)
species: inkling
gender: nonbinary
orientation: lesbian
moral alignment: neutral good
height: tba
occupation: captain of the NSS (formerly agent 3), grizzco employee

tempest is a reserved inkling who spends most of their time indoors, preferably inside their home. they have a hard time with most social situations, and tend to interact mostly with their small circle of friends and family, the people they feel most comfortable around.

tempest generally prefers being adressed with they/them pronouns, especially by strangers. they're comfortable being adressed with she/her if it's by close friends and family.

when they're not poking fun at their best friends or complaining about minor inconveniences, they tend to be quiet and keep to themselves. they might seem intimidating in public and when around people that aren't in their social circle, but if someone actually approaches them, they might quickly find out that they're lowkey pathetic and cringefail pretty awkward.

she likes to spend her time online, either playing videogames or participating in discussions about them. she especially takes interest in videogame soundtracks and music in general; her music taste is pretty varied, but she wouldn't admit that she listens to anything other than obscure bands and musicians, just to keep her cool and mysterious persona up. "haha no squid sisters music is so lame of course i wouldn't listen to that haha" (← has maritime memory as her ringtone)

she currently lives with dawn in their shared apartment, located in splatsville's backstreets. she might have occasional agent duties in some mornings, and during afternoons she'll either participate in X battles or work grizzco shifts for cash.