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"which type of protagonist are you?"
my results: along for the ride "now this isn't so much a protagonist as it is someone with a lack of boundaries. but hey. who am i to judge. you're here because you just are. things happen to you, you don't happen to things. there's no "fateful day", there's simply "ah, shit. here we go.". and to be fair--it truly can be so enriching, and a lot others around you might've missed out on some of these life-altering adventures you got to be a part of. but consider--you can't be a side character to your own life. whether you feel it or not, you do matter. so stop the car, or drive yourself a little it'll be worth it."

"i'll give you a good memory in exchange for a bad one"
my results: woodland "The woodland creatures have always been happy to see you. On a dewy morning in June they welcome you by the riverbank, dandelions curling around your bare feet, tiny apples offered to you by swirling branches. The sun rises in the East but doesn’t quite show. Overhead the trees bend to shield you, though still granting you patches of orange, pinks and yellows in the sky. You’re sitting on the trunk of a fallen tree that’s been reclaimed by moss and mushrooms. You can’t help but notice that you know the forest so well at this point that your breathing seems to be aligned. When you take a breath a soft, cool breeze rushes past you. When you exhale, the leaves tremble. The birdsong quiets respectfully when you speak. You’ve never before felt this loved. Your hand draws along the trunk as you watch the river gleam, until your pointer finger touches something small. You glance down. There, readied just for you, lies a ring shaped from a thin twig, its diameter wide enough to wrap around your thumb. The wood (shaven from a branch, it seems) clutches around a small, tiny emerald, glowing green when you lay eyes upon it. You suck in a breath. The breeze engulfs you. When you slip the ring onto your right thumb, the forest seems to bite out a welcome in the form of the sudden flutter of butterflies. The river speeds. The skies change color. The emerald glistens even brighter, tightening around your finger, where it belongs. You’ve spent your entire life feeling out of place. Slightly to the left. Nothing quite right. But here is where you were born, and here is where you will live, and you will be happy."

"puella magi madoka magica kin assignment"
my results: mami tomoe "Oh honey... despite the fact that you're one of the kindest people out there, you're plagued by crippling loneliness. You're a mom friend and a natural caretaker, but nobody ever returns that same energy for you. I really hope you can find some people who can give you the love and attention that you need to feel whole."

"which undertale song are you"
my results: fallen down (reprise) "you find comfort in nostalgia and like to live in the past, but you're working on it. the past is comforting, yes, but you're willing to face what lies ahead"

"what season are you?"
my results: early spring "The first word that comes to mind is: tenderhearted. When you first meet someone you may be a bit quiet and shy but once people get to know you, you are extremely genuine and your presence is very comforting. Your patience and gentleness with others allows them to feel safe around you. familiar, friendly, and sensitive. you remind me of the yellows and greens of freshly sprouted daffodils, children laughing on a playground, and the smell of rain."

"let me tell you which avatar: the last airbender character you remind me of"
my results: ty lee "you remind me of Ty Lee. you're really sweet and bubbly and people enjoy being around you. you're terrifyingly good at keeping secrets to the point where people assume you have no secrets. nonetheless people like being around you and that's never a bad thing :)"

"what van gogh painting are you?"
my results: self portrait ""i want to touch people with my art. i want them to say 'he feels deeply, he feels tenderly'." van gogh often didn't have enough money to pay for models to paint, so he painted himself instead for practice. he always felt that his self-portraits were a study of himself his own anguish. as if to say 'look at me. this is who i am. please know me. please love me.' you probably have a complicated relationship with vulnerability. that which you crave also terrifies you. i know it's scary to leave your soul bare, but you will be most happy - and most loved - when you are most seen. some of your traits are: introspective, conflicted, and compassionate "

"let me describe you in one adjective"
my results: celestial "you glow so bright in the night, don't you? like the moon, you're so full of love and just sometimes when you look out over the world, you're reminded that it could be such a wonderful place if only people would hold each other tight and smile a little more. i promise, even if it feels like you're distant and giving too much of yourself, there's someone looking up at you in awe because they think you're wonderful too."

"why do people fall in love with you?"
my results: because you make them happy "falling in love with you is as easy as breathing. you make everyone grateful to know you and loving you is a privilege. the only greater privilege is to be loved by you"

"what planet are you truly from?"
my results: uranus "you love to be unique. you can't stand to be a part of the norm. you have to be different. you are very independent, never relying for others, at least not for long. you love change; it's hard for you to stick with one thing. you're rebellious, eccentric, unpredictable, and inventive."

"what is the truth at the center of your universe?"
my results: you are loved "The warmth of a hug, a soft word, a smile. You step with surety, you have a home in the hearts of those that love you. Love can be a balm, it can be firm ground under your feet. Love can also feel like a burden at times, a weight you must carry. You are strong enough to carry it, but don't be afraid to share the weight, too."

"what's your actual aesthetic? oh wait, you don't have one."
my results: you just like trees "that's literally all there is to it. if you saw a photo with trees, you picked it. you're not that complicated, but that's fine, because trees are honestly pretty great."

"what kinda physical touch would just absolutely destroy u rn"
my results: kisses "but not like on the mouth. like if you got kissed on the wrist or the hand or the forehead or the nose or the palm or the cheek or the top of the head or anywhere that isn't the mouth you'd fucking explode. this is unfortunate but you'd die happy."

"which region are you from in the botw universe?"
my results: korok forest "as a resident of korok forest, you're someone with a patient and loyal personality who knows how to appreciate the little things in life! you probably have a deep respect for the natural world… and perhaps a soft spot for animals and spirits, too? you might prefer to live a simple life without much conflict, but you’re able to weather a lot of suffering and remain true to yourself. this is a place where you can relax and step away from the pressures of human society - everyone here grows at their own pace. remember to take your time and keep the things that make you happy close to your heart!"

"how does it feel to be loved by you?"
my results: like home "you're the kind of person that makes people feel safe. you probably couldn't be intimidating if you tried, but that doesn't matter. what matters is your kindness and compassion, your innate way of making people feel happy. you're so good at taking care of everybody else, but don't forget to take care of yourself, too! you deserve the same love you give so freely"

"answer some questions about love and i'll tell you why you intimidate people"
my results: you're kind "love should be expressed when it is felt and humans are made of love, they create it seemingly out of nothing. love seems to just flow out of you and it intimidates people because where do you always find it? how are you capable of holding so much kindness in you and never get beaten down by those who scorn love?"