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[dec 29th, 2022] site update!
ok, i changed the layout of my main page a bit! i put the status in the main page instead of the home iframe, so when i update my site the main layout will appear in the neocities feed instead of just the iframe! and also because i didn't know what else to put there lol. same thing with the empty space under the new nav, it bothers me a bit, but that way i have space for when i want to add more pages and such.

oh, another big thing is that i moved my art page to this domain! i noticed that i was really stupid and uploaded unecessarily big files. i resized them and it saved, like, 80% of the space it was taking up LOL i feel so silly. splattacks can host all of it and it's still pretty small now. i'll keep that account so i can save the natypinkns domain, though. maybe i'll change into that one day. for now, i really like splattacks.

i wrote a bit about my year! i made a little page for it, if you'd like to check it out.

[dec 22nd, 2022] ideas
i've been having ideas for new pages and such but for that i'd need to change up my main page a bit... it currently Cannot accommodate many links :p maybe making the font smaller would help too. the new one i put on IS easier to read than the other anyway, i think... so making it smaller would probably be fine.

i might add another nav to the right side or something like that..? i don't want to change my layout too much, i'm happy with how it looks, it's just... not very versatile? let's see what i come up with lol, i'll work on that sometime this week. maybe. probably.

i ALSO want to change up my graphics page, maybe make it separate from my main frame, because my collection is growing and i want to organize things better than just having them all in one scrolling page..?

oh oh and i have not forgotten about my adoptables. i just. haven't gotten around to making more..... i put pressure on myself with that "more things coming soon probably" on the page lol

[dec 18th, 2022] i'm normal

this week's tgswiiwagaa update was so good. so good. koga mitsuki you are everything to me !

gender: cool B)

[dec 17th, 2022] a good saturday with friends :]
my uni friends came over to my town today! i spent the day on friday tidying up the house and organizing to accommodate them, and they arrived at night! we went out to eat, and even though the town was dead (weird for a friday night in december) and the weather was windy and weird, we had a really good time. then we arrived back home and chatted in the kitchen until 3am. i think that was my favorite part of the day.

this morning we went shopping together and got matching ankle bracelets! then we had barbecue with my parents at home, and in the afternoon we went to the beach for a bit. unfortunately the day was cloudy, but it wasn't cold, so it was nice anyway! back home me and my grandma prepped bundles of christmas biscuits to gift each one of them while they took showers and got ready to leave.

at first i was bummed that they'd go home tonight instead of sunday morning, but we managed to take really good advantage of the 20ish hours we had together :D i hope we're able to hang out more this summer. i already miss not seeing them everyday at uni.

[dec 10th, 2022] nunca mais vejo estampa xadrez vermelha e branca da mesma maneira
pois é. poxa, eu tava tão animada com essa copa, e me vem esse balde de água fria ontem. juro que nunca me estressei tanto assitindo alguma coisa, eu conseguia sentir a dor de cabeça vindo. era quase-gol atrás de outro, era a porra do juiz corno ignorando o pênalti e as faltas óbvias, daí a esperança que aquele gol na prorrogação trouxe, pra então ser estragada pelo gol da croácia faltando 5 minutos, e daí aquela cobrança de pênaltis horrenda só pra esfregar a desgraça na cara mais um pouco.

boto a culpa no meu pai, que tava viajando a trabalho e não estava junto pra assistir com a gente... (segundo a minha mãe, deu azar porque ele assistiu o jogo pela globo.) enfim, o hexa foi adiado. agora eu ignoro o resto da copa, sem brasil = sem interesse, e espero mais 4 anos.

mas pelo lado bom, os jogos que tiveram foram lindos, essa foi uma copa que eu não vou esquecer (como foi o caso da de 2018, que por algum motivo eu não me lembro de NADA. nadica) !! altas emoções

[dec 8th, 2022] new music box layout
i've been meaning to change the layout of my music page, and i finally got around to it!! it looks better on firefox because of the thin scrollbars and because the music player fits better. i thought about changing the background image but... music jam cafe stays.

i'm on summer break now, so maybe expect more updates?? i've been having site ideas and just taking notes so i could work on them when i had the time, and now i have the time, so...

[nov 27th, 2022] i hate mosquitoes
pros of spending time around nature: good for your health. plants. pretty foliage. feeling present in the moment. mother nature is awesome. i like grass
cons of spending time around nature: mosquitoes. >>being allergic to insect bites<<.

its hard to like insects when these little shits exist. i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you mosquito borrachudo filho da puta!!! one of them bit my pointer finger on saturday afternoon; it quickly started to swell, even after putting on the ointment i always use, so we went to the pharmacy to get proper anti-allergy medication. i took it and by saturday night it was a lot better. but when i wake up on sunday morning, my finger is swelling again, throbbing even?? so we went to the health center and they gave me a shot and more medication. that was 6 hours ago and it is still bloated. let's hope it is better when i wake up... i'm starting to get worried.

WELL it was a nice weekend anyway. we stayed at a farm hotel to celebrate my sister's birthday and i ate a looooooot of good food.

[nov 24th, 2022] será que o hexa vem?
não me sinto inclusa no hype da copa esse ano da mesma maneira que meus conhecidos estão (talvez peguei um trauma da bandeira do brasil), mas o golaço do richarlison de hoje foi o suficiente pra me dar uma animada. não chego ao ponto de ficar usando verde e amarelo (nem tenho roupa pra isso), mas quero acompanhar os jogos! gosto de assistir com meu pai junto, porque qualquer dúvida que eu tiver sobre as regras do jogo eu posso tirar com ele.

o ruim só é o horário que os jogos acontecem... hoje, por exemplo, eu tinha que sair pra faculdade no meio do jogo (só deu pra eu assitir inteiro porque o prof avisou em cima da hora que não ia dar a aula hoje, e fiquei em casa). enfim, só queria registrar aqui que aquele gol foi lindo demais, e olha que eu não ligo pra futebol!

[nov 22nd, 2022] new blog layout
spent some time thinking of a new layout for this section of the site and decided on something like this! i wanted it to stay within my main page frame, and i learned how to make these collapsable boxes. i'll probably improve upon it sometime later!

as i said in the last journal entry i posted, i don't feel comfortable having a page like that anymore, but didn't want to not have a blog-like page on my site. let's see what kind of things i'll come up with to post here...