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the legend of zelda: tears of the kingdom by nintendo
first played: may2023
very fun and emotional experience for a botw fan. i really did cry so many tears
personal rating: 4.5/5
splatoon 3 by nintendo
first played: set2022
the ultimate splatoon game...
personal rating: 4.5/5
omori by omocat
first played: jan2022
i went through this game 100% blind and. oh god.
this one is genius and absolutely evil. you Will Cry (heavy themes though! be careful)
personal rating: 4.5/5
deltarune (ch 1 + 2) by toby fox
first played: oct2021
i love it a lot... the game's characters are the highlight for me!
super excited for the next chapters aaaah
personal rating: 5/5
undertale by toby fox
first played: oct2021
first played it bc i wanted to play deltarune and properly understand things.
at first i wasn't having a good time with the battling system so i gave up when i got to undyne and watched playthroughs intead. came back to it in january and managed to beat the pacifist route. it's really good
personal rating: 4.5/5
a short hike by adam robinson-yu
first played: jun2021
i'm in love with this game. it's so cozy and always cheers me up
personal rating: 5/5
spiritfarer by thunder lotus games
first played: abr2021
i've never cried this much with a game!! :)))
personal rating: 4.5/5
hades by supergiant games
first played: abr2021
this game hits so hard!! phenomenal soundtrack. i love zagreus with all my heart.
i thought i'd get tired of the gameplay but i was wrong
(the art in this game is gorgeous. just look at the bg of this page!! wtf!!)
personal rating: 4.5/5
hyrule warriors: age of calamity by omega force
first played: nov2020
the gameplay does get repetitive but i had a lot of fun with this one. maybe because i could play as zelda. who knows.
also! it has a banging soundtrack
personal rating: 3.5/5
animal crossing: new horizons by nintendo
first played: mar2020
my first animal crossing game (does pocket camp count?).
i played way too much of this one in 2020.
personal rating: 4.5/5
celeste by extremely ok games
first played: set2019
most difficult but also most satisfying platformer i've played. the controls feel on point and the death system makes the difficulty of the game less frustrating.
i once had to make a presentation for uni about a composer so i obviously chose lena raine and the celeste soundtrack. duh
personal rating: 5/5
super smash brothers ultimate by nintendo
first played: jan2019
i don't enjoy playing this one by myself, but it's the best one to play with friends.
i remember that the announcement trailer was so cool... splat toons... btw i'm still mad about botw zelda not being in this one
personal rating: 3/5
stardew valley by concernedape
first played: 2nd half of 2018
ooohoh. i dont even know what to say... it's really good. you know the drill.
abigail and leah are my fav spouses
personal rating: 4.5/5
splatoon 2 by nintendo
first played: jun2018
dude. what do i even say. dont want to be cheesy but this game (+the community around it) literally changed my life ooohhoh. i started taking art more seriously bc i wanted to be able to draw my splatoon ocs better!! what the fuck!!
the game itself is so fun i can't ever get tired of it. only sometimes when the matchmaking is bullshit
personal rating: 4/5
the legend of zelda: breath of the wild by nintendo
first played: abr2018
hello my favorite game! how are you doing
personal rating: 5/5
mario kart 8 deluxe by nintendo
first played: jan2018
this game has no right being this pretty to look at!!
personal rating: 3.5/5
super mario odyssey by nintendo
first played: dec2017
my first switch game! i remember wanting one sooo badly bc i really wanted to play this game.
i had a fun time with it! it's really well made.
personal rating: 3/5
minecraft by mojang
first played: 2012
many memories... i love to play it with friends nowadays
personal rating: 4/5
super mario galaxy 2 by nintendo
first played: 2012? probably?
never got around to 100%ing this one :pensive:
personal rating: 3/5
club penguin: game day! by artoon
first played: 2010-2012
surprisingly fun minigames to play with friends but not much else to it
personal rating: 2.5/5
mario party 8 by nintendo
first played: 2011/2021
i remember being disappointed bc i thought it had sports in it?? or something??
personal rating: 2/5
tangled: the video game by planet moon studios
first played: 2011?
it's really short but i remember having lots of fun with it as a kid
personal rating: 3/5
super mario galaxy by nintendo
first played: 2010
the superior mario galaxy game. my definition of nostalgia... some of the songs make me cry from missing these times so much. i love the galaxy theme a lot
personal rating: 4.5/5
mario kart wii by nintendo
first played: 2010
the superior mario kart game. this one got me started with videogames (wii sports doesn't count)
personal rating: 4/5
some games online i played before

► petpet park
► bearville
► neopets
► migux
► club penguin - forever in my heart
► a bunch of flash games on ojogos.com.br
► barbie girls