last updated: 01/06/2023
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reading: o herói perdido
playing: tears of the kingdom!!!
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[01.06.23] totk page update

[26.05.23] new art, totk page update

[19.05.23] totk page update + added a temporary link to it on my navbar

[14.05.23] added a totk page, new blog entry

[18.04.23] new art, added picrews, removed yesterweb ring, changed the tempest png on my homepage

[11.04.23] new art, music box update, new quiz results, blog entry

[09.03.23] new art

[27.02.23] added a countdown in the homepage, new art, updated sitemap

[22.02.23] started work on my oc pages! tempest's is up but still not finished. also new art, blog entry, music log, added more buttons, added brasileiros no neocities webring

[15.02.23] blog entry, added splatnet webring widget to homepage

[10.02.23] new art, blog entry

[03.02.23] new art

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