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index page: the "entrance" to this site, featuring a gif i drew of a ruined guardian from breath of the wild, as well as some buttons.

home: the landing area, with links to my guestbook, neocities profile and sitemap, and a widgets section.

about: contains some information about the webmaster, including a quiz results section.

agent 3 page: linked on the agent 3 picture, it's a simple page cointaining a "do it for her" collage with art i made of my agent 3 fan character.

site credits: sources of the images and things i used to build this site.

my art: my art archive.

blog: it's where i post some of my thoughts.

my ocs: a directory for my character pages

splatoon ocs: pages with information on my splatoon fan-characters

music box: page dedicated to music i enjoy! includes a blog section with updates on my listening habits, favorite albums, favorite tracks and songs of the year.

gamelog: a list of games i've played and brief thoughts on them.

collections: a directory of miscellaneous pages, mainly personal hoards.

web graphics: contains 88 x 31 buttons, blinkies, stamps, bumper stickers, adopts and miscellaneous graphics.

picrews: contains my personal collection and directory of picrews.

quiz results: contains my personal collection and directory of uquiz results.

book quotes: contains fragments of books that made me feel something.

shrines: a directory of pages dedicated to media i like.

splatoon: a little blog for me to rant about the game.

animal crossing: has information about my new horizons island, including screenshots of a few areas, vacation homes i designed and custom design codes i make use of.

club penguin: an image collection of my favorite things from the game.

links: a compilation of links for you to browse, including other website buttons, personal links, youtube channels, articles and resources.

adoptables: adopts made by me.

frog: silly page i made for my sister's birthday LOL (none of the graphics are mine!)

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